Sports, Exercise and Health Science
Topic 11: Skill acquisition and analysis (9 hours)

11.1 Pedagogy for skill acquisition
4 hours
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11.2 Notation and analysis
5 hours
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11.1 Pedagogy for skill acquisition 4 hours

11.1.1 Distinguish between traditional and non-linear pedagogy in sports.

11.1.2 Discuss Newell’s (1986) constraints-led approach to teaching motor skills in physical education.

11.1.3 Suggest how a constraintsled approach to learning a given sport can influence
motivation. Link to option B: Psychology of sports, topic 5.

11.2 Notation and analysis 5 hours

11.2.1 Outline the reasons for using notational analysis in physical education and sports.

11.2.2 List five applications of notation in physical education and sporting contexts.

11.2.3 Distinguish between a phase analysis model and performance outcome model of qualitative biomechanical analysis for an individual sports technique.

11.2.4 Explain how a flow chart system can be used for match analysis in a team invasion game.

11.2.5 Suggest how to develop a simple notation system for team games.

11.2.6 Outline three examples of the use of digital technology in sports analysis.

11.2.7 Evaluate the use of information technologies in sports analysis for different sports contexts.


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 The use of digital technologies can have a
significant impact on skill acquisition. How do
changes in technology influence ethical choices in

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